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Pamela Ana MA & CCC – Counselling Therapist

Pamela Ana is a Port Alberni based counsellor who is focused on helping people balance and strengthen the way they live their lives.

People say Pamela is a friendly, down-to-earth, and practical person.  Bringing a wealth of experience to her counselling practice, people benefit from her years of experience in human services, which includes work in crisis centres, mental health clinics, public schools, collages and FN communities.   She believes while academic learning is valuable, it is the ‘school of life that helps people to find deeper meaning and purpose. She’s gained practical wisdom and inner strength by overcoming her share of life challenges, and looks forward to helping others do the same.  Pamela knows it takes courage, humility and hope to reach out for help. Therefore, at the foundation of the counselling process are compassion, respect and a belief in the power of talking issues through.

The Counselling Process

Active participation is requested both during and between sessions. It takes being committed to the counselling process to overcome the temporary discomfort that may come with doing things differently and making a change. In the personal change process, a normal response is to defend against feelings and behaviours that are new or may have been bottled-up from an earlier time. A counselling therapists’ role is to provide personal reflection in an atmosphere of safety and positivity such that the difficulties are freely expressed. The goal is to make different and make way for a more effective way of managing life. Like many things, the more a person puts into a situation, the more is returned.


Counselling provides a place to:

Experience trust and professionalism

To tell one’s own story

Feel listened to

Gain clarity and understanding as to the ‘real’ problem

Be challenged with focused questions

Make a practical plan

Clients leave the first session with



‘Tools’ for immediate change

Counselling Services

Are you experiencing conflict or lack of closeness in your relationship? Maybe your arguments go on and on without getting resolved, leaving you feeling lonely and further apart.

Is your child experiencing problems at home or at school? Are you struggling to understand what is troubling your teenager?

Do you get caught in self-defeating patterns that leave you feeling discouraged? Are you feeling anxious or depressed, stressed or exhausted?

Whether you come in on your own, with your partner, or as part of a family, counselling support can help you make a difference. Counselling can help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Discover what is most important to you.  Using a supportive approach, you will be helped to explore feelings about yourself, your family, your work, our society and how it has affected you.   You will be encouraged to move beyond what’s holding you back and take the steps required to create lasting changes.  Contact us now to start focusing your energy to set personal goals and improve the quality of your life.

‘Voice of the Child’ Reporting

Parental separation affects the whole family. The loss of a shared life and giving up the idea of a future together for the family is bound to be painful. Most people do manage to make the adjustment but it can be a long haul and there will be times when you can’t see how things will turn out. You need to make allowances for yourself and your children for some time – maybe fore several years.

A Voice of the Child Report is a non-evaluative report completed by a qualified assessor who has had an opportunity to communicate with the child (ren) of a separating couple. The report is used to assist the judge in making a determination of what is in the best interests of the child. It can give a “voice” to the child in a family matter hearing where normally a child would not have a voice or opinion. Voice of the Child reports are not suitable or advisable in every case; there are time constraints, financial restrictions, and different types of hearings that can make them unsuitable in some cases. However, the report can be a helpful tool when used appropriately. Courts may usually take a child’s opinion into account if they are at least over 10 years old, but it will only constitute one relevant factor within the best interest determination; it will certainly not be determinative. While a child’s opinion is not absolute or determinative, the weight attached to the child’s view will depend on a number of things — the maturity, experience and age of the child. Frequently, but not always, the child’s maturity will be taken into consideration. In all instances the wish of the child must correspond with what is in his or her best interests.

A Voice of the Child Report is prepared by a psychologist or clinical counsellor on the BC Hear the Child Society roster and who are qualified to offer opinion evidence to the court. The report is non -therapeutic and non- evaluative. A fairly set range of questions are asked and are designed to get at the home, school, and peer life of a child at the date of the interview. The interviewer attempts to accurately record the questions and answers. A review of the report is completed with a child before submitting it to the court or to parents. A child is never asked to choose between parents. Often however, at the end a meeting with questions like: “If you could wave a magic wand over your life, and change anything, what would you change?” are asked. Or, another question asked might be; “What would you like to say to the court or to your parents at this time?”As can be imagined, the answers to those questions can contain helpful insight to the trier of fact or to parents. The value of the non-evaluative report is two-fold:

  • The child, often for the first time since the marriage breakup, is genuinely and carefully asked to share how the breakup is affecting him or her. This is a valuable healing opportunity for the child, and children often say how much they appreciate the opportunity to share their feelings.
  • The interview provides parents with an insight, as a result of an impartial interview, of what their child is thinking. Parents will often tell their lawyers or the courts that their child is telling them how they want their parenting plan to look. Parents are not, however, always the most accurate reporters of the wishes of their child, as children will often tell their parents what they think their parents want to hear.

A Voice of the Child Report, as distinguished from s. 211 “Views of the Child” reports, are less expensive, usually in the range of $500 to $750 per child, and are quick to arrange and prepare.



+1 (250) 723-9818

Pamela Ana’s weekly practice hours fill up rather quickly. However, she will do everything she can to book you a first appointment within three business days. Appointment times are made between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday thru Thursdays. Pam also works the occasional Fridays and Saturdays.



You can also email to book an appointment. Please outline your preferred date and time for an appointment and the best attempt to accommodate your request will be made.

Fees and Payment

50 minute session for singles & couples $100

50 minute session for families $110

Fees are payable by cheque or cash.  In some cases clients are covered by extended medical plans or EAP’s. Please contact the person at your workplace responsible for outlining benefits information and EAP contact.  After your contact to them, an approval number will be forwarded to us.   The payment arrangements need to be confirmed by the company before services can begin.

Clients are responsible for payment if an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

EAP approved Companies

  • ICBC
  • Crime Victims Services
  • Shepell-FGI
  • FSEAP WorkSafeBC
  • Ceridian – Life Works
  • Organizational Health
  • First Nations Health Authority
  • Nuu-chah-nulth Health Services
  • Homewood Health
  • Green Shield Health Services
  • Your Nurse – First Care Health Care
  • Vancouver Island Counselling

Receipts not submitted for insurance claims may be tax deductible under medical expenses.